Father, Son and a Big Music Festival (with mom too)

Last Saturday Dylan went to his second music festival, this time to one of the biggest in China, the Midi festival in Haidian park. Although this year’s festival lasted four days, we only went to the first day since our friend’s band, Shan Ren, was playing on Saturday. The lead singer of Shan Ren, a … Continue reading Father, Son and a Big Music Festival (with mom too)

I’m 30!

I had my birthday on Friday and bid my 20s goodbye. My husband and I were also able to go out for dinner (Indian food, which I never get to eat with the kids) and a movie, made possible since the arrival of our niece who is working as an au-pair for us taking care … Continue reading I’m 30!

The First Week

This week was my first week back and work and also our first week with our niece living with us as a nanny/housekeeper. Both have been going well, with a few snags along the way, as was expected. Actually, I shouldn’t complain at all about work because when I went to pick up my schedule … Continue reading The First Week