Posted by: thelocaldialect | March 10, 2010

Enough Already With the Snow

I have got to say, in a stark contrast with last year, when I was expecting snow and didn’t see any snowfall in Beijing until the end of February, this year I am absolutely sick of snow. When will Spring arrive? It snowed two days ago and I thought surely that we would not get anymore snows after this. March 8th, afterall, is quite late in the season for snow no matter where you live. However, I just took a look at the forecast and there’s a chance of snow again on Sunday. I have had enough of snow. The thing about snow in Beijing, especially early snow (we had our first snow here on November 1st this year!) is that because temperatures stay below 0C for quite some time, the snow never really melts, it just hardens and blackens into a really disgusting sort of polluted grey ice. Snow is usually pretty, but after 2 months or so on the ground Beijing snow can be pretty nasty. I most certainly do not want it to snow again. For the last two snowfalls at least I’ve been saying to myself, that this is definitely the last snow of the season, no doubt about it. I’m bound to be right at some point, aren’t I?

I’m ready for Spring. I’m ready for all this snow and ice to melt, ready to take out the short sleeved shirts and put away the down jackets. I’m ready to see green again. This was a great winter — my daughter was born, my parents and brother came to visit, our niece arrived from Yunnan — but I’m ready to say goodbye. At this point I feel like we’re just going to skip Spring and jump straight into Summer, which would be uncool, to put it lightly. Beijing is know for having four distinct seasons, so where’s Spring already?


  1. My ayi said last night that I shouldn’t pack my snowboots away yet. She says it’s going to snow again.

    On the bright side, I saw that most of the trees have buds on them. Spring is whispering to us!

    • I saw on the weather forecast that it might snow on Sunday, although it said rain mixed with snow, which is actually worse than snow if you ask me.

      I did notice the buds on the trees though, which, I think, is a good sign. I hope Spring speaks up a bit!

  2. he he he sounds like we’re living parallel lives. It actually got up to 13 degrees last week, it was sunny, I could see bulbs sprouting here and there. I breathed a sigh of relief and turned myself towards Spring. And then, three days later our biggest dump of snow of the season. And windy to boot. Grrrr! Here’s to Spring!

  3. We had way too much snow here in North Carolina, too. Found your blog from Mothering.

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