Posted by: thelocaldialect | January 3, 2010

A Belated Welcome

It has been a month, actually a bit more than a month, since we welcomed our new daughter, Annika Miriam, to the family. Annika was born on Dec. 1st at 3:50pm weighing 3450g. She turned one month old on New Year’s day and other than having a bit of a cold, no doubt as a result of the rather full house we’ve had over the holidays, she’s happy and healthy. She looks rather like her brother, except her hair is dark, where his is light, and her eyes are not quite as round as his.

We celebrated the holidays with several rounds of visitors. Our neice came in from Yunnan to help out with Dylan while we were in the hospital having the baby, arriving just in time, literally, just a few hours before Annika was born. Dylan enjoyed his time with his cousin, who stayed for two weeks, and two days after she left, his grandparents and uncle, my mom and dad and younger brother, came to stay for just over two weeks. My family really bonded with the kids on this trip, especially with Dylan, who is now at an age where he can interact and play, and has a conception of them as his family. The last time my parents came he was only eight months old, and I think my parents too were a bit shocked to find a real kid in the place of the baby they left behind. The family all left today and Dylan has been asking for them, for my brother in particular, with whom he was sharing his room. It is hard for a two year old to understand why people are here one day and suddenly gone the next, and I imagine it will be a bit sad for him adjusting to the (relatively) empty house with just his mom, dad, and baby sister.

It was a good end to 2009, and a good start to a new decade.


  1. Congratulations! Your new baby daughter is beautiful. I hope Dylan isn’t feeling so lonely now. Wish he and Jonah could get together and play. I can imagine how hard it would be for him to have all those visitors and then none. Jonah soaked up all the attention over the holidays when we visited my inlaws. Happy 2010! Looks like you’re off to a good start!

    • Wouldn’t that be awesome if they could play together? I often wish I could meet some of you Japanese foreign wives, it seems like we’d have much in common, and Chinese foreign wives are not really in abundance.

  2. Congratulations and Happy New Year! Annika is such a pretty name! The Chinese don’t really do the whole “pink and frilly” thing for girls, do they? I’ve pretty much decided that’s a macho American trip, here in Japan you’re just as likely to see a little boy wearing a pink shirt w/ a bunny on it, as you are a little girl!

    Did your family bring you lots of goodies from home?

    Congrats again on your beautiful daughter!

    • Yeah, I see boys wearing pink and purple frilly flowered stuff all the time. I sent my husband out for newborn sized clothes for our son when he was born and he ended up bringing home two rather girly outfits. Our cousin’s kid is two and a half and often wears his older sister’s hand-me downs. I think crossing the gender line with kids clothing is definitely more taboo in the West!

  3. She’s beautiful. Congratulations! My little one is 4 and now that’s she’s a little older she really gets what family is all about. Just last night I asked her what her favorite thing about Christmas was and she said “family.” Melts my heart!

    I’m curious. Did you end up doing the Chinese confinement this time around?

    • That’s so sweet! I’ve been wondering how you and Gianna are doing, good to see you blogging again!

  4. Happy 1st month to Annika! It’s great that your family was able to come out and visit. Wes & Betsy must have been so excited. How are you all faring in the cold weather — I read that Beijing is getting record snow and residents are being enlisted to shovel it off the streets. . .

  5. So late in replying to this, but I just wanted to add my congratulations. She is just so beautiful!! I love her name too – it’s very pretty!!

  6. Congratulations Jessica! Annika is such a pretty name, and it sounds like you had fun with the family in. I’m sure having their help with the kids was also a relief for you. BTW, I have so much more respect for you and your hubby, knowing you manage all of the child care without the “laoren”.

  7. Congratulations to you all and well done! What a beautiful little girl. I haven’t been keeping up with all my reading and FWC, but it suddenly occurred to me your new little one must have arrived.

    I’m so happy for you. Congrats again and my very best wishes for 2010!

  8. Ahh,just read this and yet again many congratulations.I love your description of Annika and it is the same as mine for my No 2 comapred to my No1!

    It is so hard trying to explain to our children why family members seemingly pop in and pop out of their lives;it does get easier as they grow(says she with a wee 5 year!) and they start to comprehend the amazing thing their mother(et al) has done for love;)

  9. congratulations, she’s beautiful!!

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