Posted by: thelocaldialect | March 21, 2009

Cracks in the Firewall

About 2 weeks after I moved my blog to wordpress, China started blocking it (all blogs ending in that is). Ironically, I’d moved my blog over to wordpress because blogger was, at the time, blocked in China. As soon as I moved, blogger was unblocked and wordpress was the new forbidden blog host. I thought about moving back to blogger but figured with the fickleness of China’s Great Firewall, there wasn’t much point, and plus, I liked wordpress better anyhow. That was more than a year ago — maybe even closer to 2 — and now China has finally seen the light and unblocked wordpress, which means I can finally access my own blog without a proxy, as can others within China!

This, obviously, will make blogging much more convenient. There have been many times when I’d like to say something but I just couldn’t be bothered to find a working proxy and the tediousness of having to post around massive ads (because free proxies are only free due to the miracle of advertising), time-outs, and the problems with loggin in that always came with using one. How nice it will be to blog unfettered by such annoyances!

Unfortunately, although it seems like I should make a long, important post to mark the event, I haven’t got a whole lot to say today and its dinnertime, so the blogging will have to wait. The beauty is that while before I wouldn’t have even gone to the trouble of logging into the blog without saying something worth saying, no I can babble randomly whenever I want. Ah, freedom!


  1. I am looking forward to reading more posts now that it is easier for you to blog!

    PS – I just realised that this could probably be my first ever comment, although I have been lurking for forever now… Lol… sorry it took me so long to comment!

  2. And your China readers can post comments more easily! I’m so glad wordpress blogs are unblocked! About time!

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