Posted by: thelocaldialect | November 20, 2007

Welcome to the World

It has been awhile since I posted. This is due to two factors, one being the birth of my son, the other being that wordpress seems to now be blocked in China (is the great firewall toying with me on purpose?). The first being, of course, the most important reason.

Dylan Christopher/Wang Chong Xiao was born on Monday October 29th, at 6:50am. I was 12 days overdue and had managed to convince myself that I would, most likely, be pregnant forever, but that was not to be the case! The entire labor went by very quickly. I had pains off and on Sunday but didn’t really think much of them, then that evening they picked up a bit, and we decided to go to the hospital around 2am, which put my entire time laboring in the hospital at just under five hours!

The labor was as painful as it was fast. I had no pain medication, as hospitals here generally do not offer epidurals or IV meds during labor. My husband was also required to wait in the hall of the hospital, rather than accompany me in the birthing room. I wasn’t alone though, as there were three or four Chinese women giving birth at the same time. The Chinese women were remarkably quiet for women in labor, as compared to myself, who was screaming the entire time. The doctors and nurses actually told me to be quiet on several occasions, although I ignored this ridiculous request outright and continued to yell and cry and scream as much as I wanted. Afterall, I was giving birth without meds and without my husband, the least they could do was allow me to make noise, right?

The important thing is that Dylan was born, strong, healthy, and beautiful. He weighed 3350g and was 52cm long, although he’s no doubt he’s grown since then. He’s now three weeks old and getting bigger and showing more personality every day. My husband and I are very much in love with our son, who has fit so gracefully into our lives. We are lucky, we drew good cards with this baby who only cries when he’s hungry or uncomfortable in some way, sleeps easily and peacefully and eats whatever is put in front of him, whether it be mom’s milk or the powdered stuff. In one more week we will have finished our one month period of rest and recovery at home (Chinese tradition is very strict on this point, mom is not to leave the house for a month, and is restricted in her diet and activities during this period, but that’s another post) and will be ready to venture out into the world, and, needless to say, I am definitely ready to get out of the house and Dylan I am sure is ready for a bit of outside stimulation. Still, it is hard to believe it has already been nearly a month since he came into this world. And while, I’ll admit, there were a few days there where I mourned my old life, and especially the special “just the two of us” closeness of my husband and I, by now it is hard to imagine my world without little Dylan in it.


  1. Congratulations on your little man. Really interesting reading about pregnancy/childbirth in China.

  2. Just saw your post–hope you can get back on wordpress.

    Welcome again to the world, wee Dylan.

    I think it’s great you screamed and yelled just as you wanted. Hello. Labour does not sound fun.

    So have you ventured out of the house yet? I think the one-month rule applies in a lot of Asian countries. It’s the same in Vietnam.

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