Posted by: thelocaldialect | June 1, 2007

We’re having a …

I haven’t been able to get onto this page for the past few days … in fact, I still can’t view my own page (so to those of you who left comments, I’m not ignoring you, I just can’t see my page!), but even if I can’t see anything that I write, I can still write it!

I wanted to announce to those of you who hadn’t heard the news that we found out on Monday that we’re having a little boy in October. My husband is one of three sons, and he’s been saying all along that boys run in his family, so he wasn’t surprised at all, but I was! Somehow I didn’t really believe him, and thought there was a good chance it might be a girl.

I had been wondering for months now whether or not we’d be able to find out the gender, and had pretty much resigned myself to it being a surprise. In China, because of problems with people wanting to select for gender, you’re normally not allowed to find out at your ultrasound whether the baby is a boy or a girl. I had a very nice doctor who agreed to tell me in English so that the patients nearby wouldn’t understand what he was saying. He seemed very pleased to have the opportunity to not only give me the happy news, but also use his English with a patient. I’m sure he, as well as I, had a story to tell at dinner that night.

Now we have to start the arduous process of picking out Chinese and English names for the little guy. I get to choose the English, he gets to choose the Chinese. If you have any good suggestions, feel free to toss them my way!


  1. Congratulations! That’s awesome! Little boys are fun! I know first hand. ^_^

  2. he he, I told my Hubby he could pick the Chinese name too, I would pick the English….it turns out he didn’t like any of the English names I had, and finally we had to agree on an English one together I tried to explain that being Chinese he doesn’t know what names are good in English..
    he wanted Tyson…YUCK!

  3. Congrats on your pregnancy and finding out the sex. Choosing names should be fun! You’ve got plenty of time.

    BTW- you’re tagged (see my blog).

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